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2022-07-01 Author: Poly News
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Bridget turned and looked at her companion in slow wonder. Janet's remark had the effect of absolutely silencing her; she ate her bacon, munched her toast, and drank off a cup of hot coffee in an amazingly short time, then she jumped up, and shook the crumbs of her meal on to the floor."Lost whom?" answered Janet in her tart voice.

"I ought not to speak," said Dorothy, turning very red, "but if you are going to be hard on Bridget——"teen patti cash update

"I expect I shan't be allowed to talk at all."

"Yes, my dear, what is it?"The carriage lay smashed a couple of hundred yards from the gates of the avenue.[Pg 64]

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"Well, dear, you are not to blame. I shall take you to Eastcliff this afternoon, and order some plain dresses to be made up for you."

teen patti cash update"My dear, you have been ill, which accounts for your nervousness. But in any case a person with the stoutest nerves may be pardoned for fainting if she is flung out of a carriage. I cannot imagine how you escaped as you have done."

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"Lost whom?" answered Janet in her tart voice.Mrs. Freeman took her unwilling hand, led her into Miss Patience's dull little sitting room, which only[Pg 63] looked out upon the back yard, and, shutting the door behind her, left her to her own meditations.